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Castle Media Kit

We created an on-brand media kit that provided insight and context to the entertainment complex’s aesthetic, editorial approach, and personal background. Kit included information on history, past partnerships, featured press, site statistics, and celebrity appearances.


Projects details

In 1970 Fred Hoffmann opened his first tavern in Chicago, named “The Snuggery.” Over the following decades Fred and later his son Mark became known as nightlife innovators, starting with building the Snuggery brand from a single location into Chicago’s most successful nightclub group during the hedonistic seventies “disco years” in the US.  Blazing their own trail through the “go go” decade of the eighties, the Snuggery pioneered music video, dynamic performance art, sound and lighting innovations that led to the Snuggery being featured in a Time Magazine cover story on US nightclubs, as well as being named one of Playboy Magazine’s top singles bars in the USA.

In 1989 the Hoffmanns purchased the Chicago Limelight Nightclub from infamous nightlife entrepreneur Peter Gatien and created Excalibur, the 50,000 square foot castle which has endured to the present day as Chicago’s only “megaclub,” offering 5 distinct nightlife environments under one roof to a diverse local, national and international clientele.

After 24 years of serving and entertaining millions of guests from Chicago and visitors from around the world, long time Chicago nightclubs Excalibur and Vision are being replaced with a completely new multi-venue, The Castle. Castle opens following a 6-month reinvention, including all-new luxurious decor, furnishings, state-of-the-art sound, lighting and special effects with the Craft Pub & Eatery, Palladium, Cabaret and Sanctuary.

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